Metal Instalaciones de Recuperación de Materiales en Reino Unido

Directorio Británica de instalaciones de recuperación de materiales metal- muestra empresas con instalaciones de recuperación de materiales en Reino Unido que reciben, separan y preparan metal materiales reciclables.

Nombre de Empresa Materiales Procesados (toneladas/año)
1st Call Skip Hire Wiltshire
1st Choice Waste Management Group Redcar and Cleveland Comercial, Industrial
2 Recycling Limited Lincolnshire Comercial, Industrial
A & A Skip Hire Ltd Essex Comercial, Residencial
A & E Metals Ltd. Lancashire Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
A & M Metals Ltd Merseyside Comercial, Residencial
A Brunton Limited East Riding of Yorkshire Industrial, Comercial, Residencial
A Buckland & Sons Ltd Buckinghamshire
A Christie and Sons Glasgow City Residencial, Comercial
A Goodman & Son Gainreward Limited Buckinghamshire
A J Recycling Pembrokeshire
A Smith & Sons Greater London
A. L. Griffiths Rhondda Cynon Taff
A.A & J.P Trickey Bristol City
A.E. Burgess & Sons Ltd Leicester Industrial, Comercial 240.000
A.M. Jones Scrap Metal Ltd. Halton Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
A.Riddel Waste Management Lincolnshire Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
A.Vlies Northwich Metals Ltd Cheshire West and Chester
A.W. Smith (Gosport) Ltd Hampshire
A&G Metals Solutions South Yorkshire
A&J Moore Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd Wiltshire
A1 Group Berkshire
A4 Metal Recycling Limited Berkshire
AAA Metals Slough Residencial, Comercial
Aasvogel Recycling & Skip Hire Oxfordshire Comercial
Ab Waste Disposal Ltd. Nottinghamshire Comercial 25.000
Abbey Metal Reclaim Ltd Essex Comercial, Industrial
Abbey Metal Recycling Gloucestershire
Accredited Processed Metals Ltd Stockton-on-Tees Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
Ace Car Breakers Ltd Kent
Acetech Construction Ltd North Lincolnshire
Acre Metals Ltd Greater London
Addyman’s Recycling & Waste Management North Yorkshire Residencial, Comercial
ADS Skip Hire Medway
Advanced Alloys Services Ltd South Yorkshire
Advanced Metal Innovation Co. South Yorkshire
AG Evans Ltd Hertfordshire Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
Ahern Waste Management Essex
Aim to Recycle Tyne and Wear Comercial, Industrial
Ainscough Metals Lancashire
Aintree Scrap Metal Merseyside Residencial, Industrial
AJM Metal Salvage Hampshire
AJT Recycling Ltd. Swansea Residencial, Comercial
Albec Metal Co. South Lanarkshire
Alchem (Merseyside) LTD Cheshire West and Chester
Alchemy Metals Ltd Hertfordshire
Allens Metals Northamptonshire
Allens Scrap Metals West Lothian
Allied Waste Management Ltd. East Sussex
Allport Metal Recycling Gwynedd
Alton Metals Derby Comercial, Residencial
Alutrade Ltd. West Midlands Residencial, Comercial
Alwin Limited West Midlands
Amber Services Ltd. Glamorgan Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
Amenities Environmental Services Northamptonshire
Amgen Cymru Rhondda Cynon Taff Comercial, Residencial
Ammanford Ltd Carmarthenshire Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
Ampthill Metal Company Bedford
Andrew's Recycling Ltd West Midlands Comercial
Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd Norfolk Comercial, Residencial
Apex Metal Recycling Ltd. Greater London Residencial, Comercial
APM Metals Limited Kent Comercial
AR Metal Recycling Ltd Portsmouth Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
Arch Motors Conwy Principal Area
Archer Recycling Ltd. Gloucestershire Residencial, Comercial
Archimedes Metals Ltd Portsmouth Residencial, Comercial
Argall Metal Recycling Greater London Industrial, Comercial
Armstrong Waste Management Limited Dumfries and Galloway Residencial, Industrial, Comercial
Arrow Metals Worcestershire
Arthur’s Skip Hire and Waste Management South Yorkshire
Ascot Metal Recycling Windsor and Maidenhead Residencial, Comercial
ASH Metal Recycling Ltd. Cheshire West and Chester Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
ASH Waste Services Wrexham Comercial
Ashton & Manchester Waste Executive Ltd Greater Manchester
Ashvin Metals Ltd Lancashire Comercial, Industrial 20.000
ASM Metal Recycling Ltd. Buckinghamshire Residencial, Comercial
Astar Waste Ltd. West Midlands
Atlantic Recycling Cardiff Comercial, Industrial Semi-automatizado
Atlas Metal Recycling Ltd. Norfolk Residencial, Comercial
Aussie Scrap Plymouth Comercial, Residencial
Autobits Scrap Metal West Midlands Residencial, Comercial
Autobreak (Colchester) Ltd Essex Comercial, Residencial
Automet Greater Manchester
Autosave Greater Manchester Residencial, Industrial, Comercial
Avenue Metals Belfast Comercial, Residencial
Avon Specialty Metals Ltd Gloucestershire Industrial
AWB Recycling Ltd Hampshire
AWS Recycling West Midlands Comercial
B & P Scrap Co Ltd Greater London
B & T at Work Greater London Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
B Shakespeare & Co Ltd West Midlands Residencial, Comercial
B W Riddle Lincolnshire
B. Allsop & Sons Ltd Nottinghamshire
B.A. Perkins Scrap Metals Ltd Warwickshire
B.F.A. Recycling Ltd. Greater London Residencial, Comercial, Industrial
B.H. Porter & Son Ltd Cambridgeshire
B&J Metals Ltd Cumbria
B&K Environmental Services Ltd Greater London 165.000
BA Commercials Northumberland
Backworth MOT & Service Centre Tyne and Wear Residencial, Comercial, Industrial